Family Golf Schools

Family Golf Schools believe in teaching golf in a fun, informative, flexible and friendly way that is suitable for anyone regardless of their age, ability or experience. We have produced a quiz and video support for the Family Golf Schools online national junior programme, Mini Marvels

Professional Caddies Association

We are currently developing a new 'Caddies Training Manual' for the PCA. By combining their basic manual with new filming and resources from The Golf Scene we are creating a new and exciting interactive PC based learning program aimed at encouraging more people into the caddying profession. News

Golf Foundation logoThe Golf Foundation

The aims of The Golf Foundation are: To provide support for golf sessions at schools and golf facilities so that young people are given their first introduction to golf. To encourage young people to take up the game, develop their playing skills, improve their understanding of the game and work towards the achievement of a playing handicap. To provide competitive opportunities for performance motivated youngsters. We have adapted part of The Golf Scene and produced an interactive CD-ROM for use in their Junior Golf Passport programme

TGA logoTotal Golf Adventures

Total Golf Adventures is the only national at-school after school golf program in the USA. We produced the Rules & Etiquette information section for their website and, working closely with them, have developed an on-line Rules and Etiquette quiz which their students are required to take and pass before proceeding to the next coaching level. News

YMG logoYoung Master Golf

Young Masters Golf, based in the UK, has developed a comprehensive coaching structure for use by PGA Pros to teach juniors (YMG) and ladies (LMG). To encourage their students to learn more about Rules & Etiquette we are developing a monthly on-line quiz which will have a variety of prizes on offer. We are also working with them to produce a customised version of The Golf Scene which will fit seamlessly into their programme and act as a reference for their juniors and ladies.