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The Golf Scene has been updated and replaced with a brand new website

Designed specifically for new and novice golfers with input from PGA professionals and golf organisations worldwide.

View the Let's Get Golfing introduction video here

Then check it out now at www.letsgetgolfing.com

Lets' Get Golfing will be the ultimate 'one stop shop' web site for new and novice golfers.

There will be hundreds of video clips on all aspects of golf, much of which is not found on other golf web sites.

Based on The Golf Scene it will be bigger and better than the DVD-ROM.

Let's Get Golfing - Learn golf the easy way



".... not just for the beginner but for the experienced golfer too...."
Justin Rose PGA Tour Professional

"An ideal aid for young people or people of any age taking up the game of golf"
Peter Alliss the well known golf commentator

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Sprinkler Cartoon Warm Up Cartoon Computer Cartoon
Cartoon The Golf Scene DVD-ROM cover The answers to these and many, many more questions can be found in The Golf Scene -the most comprehensive interactive golf reference currently available.

"It would be a monumental task to try and provide all the information that a new golfer needs to easily navigate the total golf experience and do it quickly...that is unless you  purchased "The Golf Scene". What a time saver for both the teacher and student. With "The Golf Scene" the new player can become acquainted with everything from how to get a starting time, take a correct drop from a hazard, where to stand on the green, to, getting a handicap, joining a club, and loads more. It is a literal encyclopedia on 'getting started correctly and comfortably in the game of golf."

Gary Wiren PhD PGA Master Professional