"An ideal aid for young people or people of any age taking up the game of golf"

Peter Alliss the well known golf commentator

"I must say I was extremely impressed with how informative it is, not just for the beginner but for the experienced golfer too. I believe this is a very useful tool for all age groups and standard of player and I don't think you have left any stone uncovered"

Justin Rose PGA Tour Professional

"It would be a monumental task to try and provide all the information that a new golfer needs to easily navigate the total golf experience and do it quickly...that is unless you  purchased "The Golf Scene" DVD.  What a time saver for both the teacher and student. With "The Golf Scene" the new player can become acquainted with everything from how to get a starting time, take a correct drop from a hazard, where to stand on the green, to, getting a handicap, joining a club, and loads more. It is a literal encyclopaedia on 'getting started correctly and comfortably in the game of golf"

Gary Wiren PhD PGA Master Professional 

"The Golf Scene Rules & Etiquette DVD is a refreshing review of the most common situations golfers experience.  This creative interactive DVD would be a good teaching tool to use in clinics for beginning golfers of all ages.  George Cocker uses humor to make clear the reasons behind the basic rules and etiquette every golfer needs to know"

Anne Lyndrup Director, Player Development, National Golf Course Owners Assoc

The Golf Scene is the ideal companion for everyone. The information is suitable for all ages and abilities. To be able to watch the video clips alongside reading about the rules and etiquette makes it so much easier for beginners...and experienced golfers too..to understand this wonderful game! On behalf of everyone involved at The Family Golf Schools, I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic product and will be recommending a copy to all our pupils, young and old alike! Thank you for a product that finally makes learning the rules so much more entertaining!
Tony Howarth Director of Golf The Family Golf Schools. Sinclair Award Winner 2004

"The Golf Scene teaches Rules and Etiquette, and much, much, more in a unique and very effective way. The interactive programming makes it fun to use, is ideal for Juniors and is a very useful and effective addition to the resources now available which is why we have now decided to include it as part of the Junior Golf Passport"

Mike Round Chief Executive, the Golf Foundation

"The Golf Scene is a wonderful resource to teach golf’s rules and etiquette to new and future players, both young and old alike, using language and fun videos that are easily understandable"

Steve Tanner National Program Director, Total Golf Adventures

"The Golf Scene DVD-ROM or CD-ROM are an excellent way to gain more knowledge about the game of golf. They really help to bring the rules of golf to life and make them a lot easier to understand as well as clearly explaining many of the other facets that can sometimes take years to learn"

Dave Gosling Managing Director, Young Masters Golf

"The Golf Scene is entertaining and comprehensive in its coverage of golf, including hints on equipment, instruction, rules and etiquette, and would make a great gift for any existing or potential golfer"

Bill Robertson Editor Golf Links Magazine

"The Golf Scene covers almost all aspects of golf and is an absolutely invaluable resource for any golfer regardless of age or ability"

Dr Karl Morris PGA Professional

"A product that every new member should have"

Golf Club Managers Association

"A much-required comprehensive overview of how golf should be played – The Golf Scene contains an enormous amount of information and the excellent etiquette and rules quiz section is essential for all new golfers and a very useful refresher for others; ten out of ten"

Robert Stevenson Captain Traigh Golf Club

“For some time now we have been looking for a means to get the boring subject of golf rules and etiquette across to our junior members aged from 6 to 18. It has not been easy to keep their attention for more than a few milliseconds until we came across the Golf Scene Rules and Etiquette Teaching pack. Using this we have been able to run specific evenings for the juniors which have been well attended. The examples in the pack are real situations found every day on a golf course, many are humorous and make the point well.

The golfers in the videos are both children and adults which demonstrate that rules and etiquette apply equally to all age groups. When you get a junior quoting a rule back to you some weeks later you know it sunk in. We intend to continue using the Golf Scene pack for our juniors, and who knows we may do it for the adult members!”

Terry Smith Junior Organiser, Olton Golf Club 

“We used the DVD with juniors who had been playing for a few years but had not shown any real interest in learning about the rules or etiquette - they just wanted to go out and hit a ball! They found the DVD very good and were more than happy to sit, watch and contribute comments and answers on a rainy day, they did learn quite a bit and it made them ask questions about other related things. A similar trial was carried out with ladies and the result was the same.

We found it very good that the DVD could be stopped and started to allow the pro to concentrate on specific items and be able to answer questions ; the documentation that comes with the DVD compliments the visual storyline and helps the novice golfer. We also found that the DVD reminded the seasoned golfer about rules that they knew but did not use regularly!

We felt the DVD was pitched at the right level for a wide audience and most could relate to the storyline, it was amusing thus keeping peoples attention but also successful in convening the information.  We will be using this package  as part of our instruction programme and for social/quiz evenings in the winter; a useful addition to our portfolio of tools.”

Rowena Liles Secretary Palleg Golf Club, Swansea