Teach Rules & Etiquette with The Golf Scene Pro Teaching Pack

Special offer, get the R&E DVD Pro packfree!

All you have to do is join Let's Get Golfing, which is free for PGA Pro's, sign up at www.letsgetgolfing.com

Get your juniors or beginners to join Let's Get Golfing a

nd when just 10 have joined we'll send you the R&E DVD teaching pack.

Make sure they put your name in the 'Heard About' box when they join.

To see the benefits for you look at here


TGS is currently being used by Golf Clubs in the UK, Ireland, Malta, U.S.A, Switzerland,
Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia and Croatia - and the list keeps growing

10 reasons why you should consider teaching R & E
The Golf Scene way:

  1. The Golf Scene is the most successful way to teach R&E, which is why it is so popular!
  2. The DVD contains 50 different scenarios
  3. The Golf Scene uses video clips initially showing golfers doing something wrong....
    with Q & A's .... followed by a clip showing the correct procedure.
  4. This approach stimulates curiosity and provides opportunities for discussion
  5. Many clips are humorous - which keeps the students interest and attention
  6. Each video can be accessed individually and in any order
  7. The teaching notes can easily be adapted to suit your personal program
  8. Many of the scenarious illustrate more than one subject
  9. The Golf Scene is not just for juniors (more here)
  10. Plus - it can be used for years and costs from just £50!

It works, try the quiz and see for yourself

We have recently developed a new web site for golfers of all abilities, www.letsgetgolfing.com - membership of this site is free to PGA Professionals, contact us and we'll tell you how to sign up.

Increase your coaching income through the effeciency of the Statistics section.

View the Let's Get Golfing introduction video here

Then check it out now at www.letsgetgolfing.com

Let's Get Golfing - Learn golf the easy way




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