We currently have two products available, more to be released soon:

GS ManualGolf Scene 3 disk packThe Golf Scene Rules & Etiquette DVD* Professional Teaching Pack - detailed information

The Golf Scene Rules & Etiquette Teaching Pack was developed following requests from many PGA Professionals for a DVD video versionGS Manual open using the video from the 'On The Course' section of the original DVD-ROM.

It is designed to assist Professional Golfers, Golf Organisations and Golf Schools to teach what is often seen as a subject which not many beginners are enthusiastic to learn about!

Golf Scene DVD-ROM

The Golf Scene DVD-ROM* - retail version - detailed information (golfer site)

The retail Golf Scene DVD-ROM is an important source of information for new golfers and compliments much of what they are taught by you, the professional. But that is not all, there is a wealth of information on all aspects of golf and wherever appropriate it does recommend the viewer to consult their Golf Professional. This could, for example, be for coaching, or advice on equipment.

As this complements the DVD Teaching Pack it can be used in conjunction with it - for example you could ask your students to look at the R&E section 'On The Green' questions 4,7,12 and 18 for 'homework' and discuss these with them the following week.

Another advantage is that selling the DVD-ROM to your students is profitable! See the Buy Now page to contact us for wholesale pricing.

The Golf Scene for New Members

The Golf Scene for New Members - CD-ROM

Customised for your Golf Club this CD would provide all your new members with a great deal of information about their new club.

Content can include information about - the History of the Club; Who�s Who; the Course; Dress Code; Clubhouse facilities; Local Rules; Catering and bar hours; Competitions; The Club professional; etc., plus of course a selection of Rules & Etiquette from The Golf Scene - to make sure that they know the basics!

The personalisation of the CD allows photographs of your Golf Club and course as a background to specific sections and a personalised welcome message on the opening screen.

A small increase in the joining or membership fee (£10) would recoup the cost of what would be a very useful part of any New Members pack. It could also be sold to existing members.

If you would like to know more you can download a demo (5MB) of a programme currently being produced for the Loch Ness Golf Club, for a CD-ROM of this please contact us.

PCA Manual cover

Coming Soon - The complete Caddie Interactive Training Course produced for the Professional Caddies Association.

If you want to make sure that the Caddies at your club are trained in the best possible way then this is essential. Please see the news page for more about this exciting development.

If you would like to be informed when it is released please Register.

Course Management Through the Eyes of a Caddie - DVD Currently in the Planning Stage.


*Terminology can be confusing, a DVD is played on a DVD player connected to a television (but can be played on a computer with DVD drive and software). A DVD-ROM, however, can only be played on a computer fitted with a DVD drive. It will not play on a DVD player.