Before You Play

Golf is a unique all round sport which can be:

Golf is a very popular sport amongst celebrities and sporting heroes. Many enjoy golf in their leisure time and can often be seen playing in pro celebrity tournaments.

In no other sport can an average player duplicate or even better a shot or score by the world’s best players.  In golf, however, you can make a par or birdie on the same hole as Tiger Woods; you can chip in from off the green like Phil Mickelson; and if you’re lucky, you can even make a hole in one. Nobody in world can do better than that!!

Golf is an exceptionally addictive sport which can be both enjoyable and annoyingly frustrating at the same time! You can go from hitting one brilliant drive to following it up with a shocking mis-hit, leaving you tearing your hair out – yet you keep coming back for more.

There are many aspects to golf which beginners need to know before they venture out on to the golf course.

BYP menuBefore You Play is divided into five sections:

POINTS TO REMEMBER - there are lots of 'little things' about golf some of which are more important than others, but if you know these when you first start playing you will go out on to the course with more confidence and will quickly gain respect from other players. Marking your ball, repairing divots and pitch marks, not walking on a players line of putt to name just a few.

CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT - advice about the right type of clothes and shoes to wear, what to carry in your golf bag in summer - and in winter. insurance and more....

WHERE TO PLAY - Explains about the different type of golf club, how to join one, the type of people you will come across who run the club and what they do.

THE CLUBHOUSE - What goes on in the Clubhouse, what facilities you can expect, etc.

HOW TO MEET PEOPLE - Golf is a social game, but it can be daunting arriving at a new club, this section helps you through this critical time.