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The WORLD CADDIE HQ-PCA Association & The Golf Scene Tee Off together with education like never before in the history of golf with a product which will be of  great benefit to golfers of all abilities and especially for anyone wanting to Caddie either professionally or in their spare time

From Scotland, the ‘Home of Golf’, Golf Scene Ltd, has recently formed a partnership with the USA Florida based Professional Caddies Association ( PCA ) to produce a new PCA Caddies Training Manual.

This will be developed into a unique interactive DVD-ROM containing the whole of the existing manual together with interactive elements from The Golf Scene. The result will be a very comprehensive manual covering all aspects of caddying and course management.

The subject matter is huge and in addition to the general caddying procedures other topics include the history of caddies, course management, putting, caddie tips, psychology, health and first aid.

Dennis Cone, Founder and CEO of the PCA said, “ We have watched Golf Scene Ltd ( GSL ) grow and the Board felt GSL and their great content would complement the PCA material to help the kids and the game.  George and his team are true professionals who care passionately about the game and its history and want to help teach Life & Social skills through sports and the game of golf”

George Cocker Managing Director of Golf Scene Ltd says “ we are very pleased to be associated with the PCA and to work with them to produce their new Interactive Training program which incorporates elements from The Golf Scene. The Golf Scene is widely recognized as being an excellent program for golfers, especially beginners and juniors as it covers all aspects of golf from tuition & fitness to competitions and R&E. The interactive quiz from the Rules & Etiquette section takes an unusual approach has been widely acclaimed and is now in use in several countries. We have recently produced a DVD teaching package specifically for Golf Pros to use and the feedback from this has been excellent.”

The resources of The Golf Scene - the Ultimate Interactive Reference - can be adapted to fit in with the requirements of organisations and golf schools. The PCA and LA based Total Golf Adventures are good example of this, Golf Scene Ltd is working with them in a number of ways.(more at

About the PCA founded in 1997 and over 10,000 loopers/members trained & certified:  
PCA is an association open to all caddies, working or retired, dedicated to elevating respect for the professional caddie and to paying homage to those who filled a special role in the history of the game.  The organization and its Foundation work to provide the youth of the world the opportunity to learn both life and social skills through the game of golf and the profession of caddying, while enhancing their knowledge and interpersonal skills both on and off the course.
In addition, PCA strives to bring back Eagle Guide FORE Caddies to the golf courses of the world, while preserving the tradition of this greatest of all games. The PCA educational programs are used at top clubs in the world and maintains offices and alliances in several countries. Order today: visit PCA at and for more complete details 
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Golf Channel studioGeorge Cocker and Dennis Cone on a visit to The Golf Channel

February 2007