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Golf is a game of rules and etiquette and what better way to teach it to new golfers than at the school age level.  That is the reason why Total Golf Adventures, the national at-school, after-school program, decided to partner with The Golf Scene Ltd., producers of the ultimate interactive golf reference, it was announced today by Steve Tanner, national program director of TGA.

"In nearly three and a half years, more than 28,000 youngsters, K-8, have participated in TGA programs.  Our curriculum heavily emphasizes the importance of learning and understand golf rules and etiquette.  It is a vital part of the game, and thus, it’s a central focus of the TGA program,” said Tanner.  “The Golf Scene is a company steeped in golf history with its Scottish heritage.  The company is recognized by the golf industry as having one of the most effective and entertaining ways of illustrating the game’s rules and etiquette.”

"The Golf Scene produces high quality video sequences using real golfing scenarios demonstrated by golfers of all ages; humor is used wherever and whenever possible so children have fun during the learning process,” Tanner added.

The Golf Scene will develop an effective on-line golf quiz for the TGA website ( using a selection of video clips that can be changed and updated easily on demand.  This quiz will be incorporated into the TGA teaching strategy with all new students being required to take and pass an on-line test on golf rules and etiquette before they can move on to the next level.

George Cocker, Managing Director of The Golf Scene Ltd says “Rules and Etiquette are a very important part of golf, the unique approach to R&E used in The Golf Scene has received acclaim from many golf professionals and organizations worldwide and we are very pleased to have formed this partnership with Total Golf Adventures. We have worked closely with them for the last few months to develop a tailor made package which will integrate effectively into their current teaching programs”.

The Golf Scene has a huge resource base covering all aspects of golf. Discussions are in progress with other Golf Organizations in the USA, UK, other European countries, South Africa and Malaysia. With many new ideas, and products, coming on stream over the next few months, The Golf Scene is becoming an increasingly important element in golf education.

TGA’s mission is to provide America’s youth with access into the game of golf through programs that build life values, instill confidence through achievement and offer a fun and educational experience. The program is available to children in grades kindergarten through eighth. Total Golf Adventures currently has 33 national programs in 23 states. Since launching in the fall of 2004, TGA instructors have taught more than 28,000 children in over 600 schools.

Total Golf Adventures is endorsed and named as the official junior golf initiative by the Golf Range Association of America (GRAA); is a national supporting organization of the After School Alliance; the National High School Golf Coaches Association (NHSGCA) and are a corporate advocate and partner of the President’s Challenge on Physical Fitness.

Total Golf Adventures:        Alan Taylor, [email protected]
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February 2007